MotoGP All Games Tools Pack

MotoGP All Games Tools Pack. Final Version: 15/10/2006
by GlowWorm

ArkRipper – a new tool, for extracting ark files. No names needed!

BCC – converts *.xwb sound files to *.wav and back. (GP2 only)

At first you have to select xwb file. Then you will get wav file. Edit wav file with any sound editor,
i recomed SoundForge. Be Carefull with length. Total length should be same as original length.
If no game will crash. Then click replace button, select original XWb, then edited wav.
If everything ok, you will get new XWB file.

BigEd_12b – motogp2! exe editor. (Riders, skill and etc.)
LUAscriptEditor_v1.1 – scripts editor for motogp3 game.
MotoGPdxtex – DirectX texture tool. I recomend you use TexConverter12
SuperPupper2 – tool for editing motogp2 mesh files, with 512×512 textures!
TexConverter12 – tool for converting dds->tex, tex->dds, extracting/merging mesh textures.
TexExtractor21 – extracts any mesh (track, animmesh) texures from motogp1/2/3 games.
WTV – little dds viewer.
FNTConv – converts font files to dds and back

Thanks to Benz for the Upload the Tool in our Forum.


Author: GlowWorm

file size: 4.24 mb

file type:

Version: 1.0

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