✶ F1 1990 Season V2.1 by Lecrin, Prairie, Psychotronik, Cherry and David Marques ✶

New updates and missing cars from SRM rFactor mod. Updates include new tracks, physics and sounds.

Brief History
A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Lecrin made the top teams from the 90 F1
season. This inspired Prairie to continue the season and he released a few
other cars. At the same time, Psychotronik was making his own. When the two
found out they were both working on the same project, they decided to complete
the mod together. MMG came in the picture and promised to finish their work and
quickly release it, which they never did. The mod went from computer to
computer until recently SRM released it for rF. When this happened, with
permission from the original authors, we decided to complete the season for

This mod contains the original F1C cars created by Lecrin, Prairie and
Psychotronik that where used by SRM to create their rF mod. With the help of
Cherry, the remnaining teams that were never made were completed.

Teams Credit
AGS David M. (Based on Prairie’s 1990 Brabham)
Arrows Prairie and Psychotronic
Benetton Prairie and Psychotronic
Brabham Prairie and Psychotronic
Coloni Cherry
Dallara Prairie and Psychotronic
EuroBrun David M. (Based on Prairie’s 1990 Larrousse)
Ferrari Lecrin
Larrousse Prairie and Psychotronic
Life Team SRM
Ligier Prairie and Psychotronic
Lotus Prairie and Psychotronic
March Prairie and Psychotronic
McLaren Lecrin
Minardi Prairie and Psychotronic
Onyx Prairie and Psychotronic
Osella Prairie and Psychotronic
Tyrrell Prairie and Psychotronic
Williams Lecrin

Prairie, Psychotronik and Cherry

Most of the skins were repainted by Ciufi. Original skins painted by Prairie,
Psychotronik, Lecrin, Cherry and David M.

Wheels and Rims
All tyres and rims created by Prairie.
Rim Logos and some special designs created by David M.

Engine sounds made by Sky

Physics accurately made by Sky.

Tracks Credit
Phoenix: NerickSenna (Updated by David M., 89-90 AIW by Frentzen127)
Interlagos: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Imola: TTTTT (Converted and updated by David M. and mrjglo)
Monaco: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Montreal: Carrera.4 (updated by David M.)
Hermanos: Carrera.4
Paul Ricard: Carrera.4
Silverstone: Carrera.4
Hockenheim: Carrera.4 (updated by David M.)
Hungaroring: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Spa: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Monza: Carrera.4 (updated by David M.)
Estoril: Carrera.4 (Converted by Frentzen127 updated by David M.)
Jerez: Carrera.4
Suzuka: F1C (Sponsors updated by David M.)
Adelaide: Carrera.4 (Converted by Frentzen127 updated by David M.)

***NOTE: Carrera 4 mentioned that his tracks can be converted and used if the
exact layout doesn’t already exist in F1C. His versions of Brazil, Mexico,
Portugal and Spain did not exist in F1C before. His Italy has a wider Lesmo
curve used prior to the version in F1C. His Montreal has a wider Wall of
Champions chicane, shorter hairpin and accurate Casino straight curve as used
from 88-95. His Paul Ricard is the old classic layout as opposed to Tantra’s
modern version.

Helmets Lecrin, Prairie and Psychotronic
Team Uniforms Prairie, Psychotronic, Eddie, David M. and Cherry
Team BKs David M.
Team Icons David M. and Prairie
Track LODs David M.

Special Thanks
Lecrin For inspiring this project with his great cars

Prairie For allowing us to use and complete the hard work he started

Psychotronik For allowing us to use and complete the hard work he started

Cherry For all his exceptional work and patience in this project

Paul Spanners For all the picture, data collection and testing

Eddie Always resourseful and helpful, a true mate

Sky For new accurate physics and awesome engine sounds

Known Bugs

Terms Of Use
Enjoy this mod to the fullest, that’s all. If you want to convert or use this
as a base to create other cars, you’re welcome in doing so as long as the
appropriate credit is given to the respective authors of the files you are
using. You can find all authors in this file

1) Backup and delete any other 1990 mods from F1C for this mod to work properly
2) Download and install the updated versions of the following default circuits: Monaco, Spa –> http://forum.race4sim.com/showthread.php?tid=510
3) Extract all files from F1 1990 Season.exe to F1C installation directory
4) Wait for 90Setup.bat to autorun (This will add driver names to game.dic and insert all team pit walls in logomap.mas)
5) Run F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and enjoy the ride


Screenshot Gallery:



Part 1 – Download
Part 2 – Download

MEGA Download show forum topic


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