Avus 1993 by Zwiss & haunetal1990

convert from GTR2 to GSCE from haunetal1990
incl small Updates in 3D and 2D
Almost everything is remodelled and remapped in 3DS MAX, and many new objects created:
Messe buildings, new fenses with poles, light poles, rain reflection, collision wall, track surface, chicane …
Some AIW work is done.. but its not perfect.

– original track made for NR2003 by Alfredo Martinez Romera.
– conversion to GTR2 done by Peter Kuhn.
– several improvements by f1_edition
– Deutschland Halle, tv tower, Mercedes building and main grandstand by Jim-46
– GTR2 LODS done by FrankyBB & BlackHawk
Thanks to:
f1_edition for the Permissions, thanks!
1.1 Update

– signs are now movable
– armco texture improved
– tribune got new textures
– new loadingsscreen
– time lap works now (thanks to Saintsnapalm)
mercedes tower bug deleted (thanks to FuNK!)



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