1979 F1 carset by TNT (CREW-style)

1979 had been released some years ago. Here is an updated version solving some shadow problems

This 1979 race-by-race carset for F1 Challenge ’99-’02 is largely converted from the rFactor GP79 mod, with a few exceptions in which I and On Mario/Paul carried over cars from the CREW/TNT 1978 mod. Luigi70 made an impressive new set of Ligiers for us, as well. Paul created the stellar new graphics for the wheels, the excellent cockpits, and all the CREW-style artwork found in the vehicle files. I have also included Paul’s CREW-style graphics for 1979 (contained in the options.mas file) in the Options folder.

We very nearly finished this race-by-race mod some time ago, but hit a wall after our group’s exhausting effort to do 1976-78 and never got ’79 properly tested. So this collection of cars predates my turning into an increasingly crazed perfectionist (stopping just short of obsessive-compulsive disorder) as I worked through the first half of the 1980s; I’m sure it’s probably not accurate down to the last decal, engine cover, and transparent windscreen like my more recent efforts. And whereas GP4 cars are very easy to convert and incorporate into F1C, rFactor cars are much more troublesome, especially with regard to shadows. The shadow-objects for .va files are all right, but some front-wing and many tire shadows were terribly buggy, so you will find them “turned off” (with “//”) in the .gen files. Until I sorted out the problems with shadow-objects I was getting random CTDs when leaving races and replays; I feel confident that that issue is solved.

I’ve included my default.cfg file for ’79 in the Save folder; in testing ’79 I discovered that moving in a different default.cfg from 1980 screwed up the cockpit eyepoints. The Seasondata/Circuits folder includes a single file for Zandvoort that’s important to avoiding naming conflicts with the cars, along with an edit of Watkins Glen by Paul and myself that primarily removes a chicane not used in ’79.

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